Choosing Shoe Insoles For Running Guide

You can own the best shoe that suits for your needs, but a good shoe may not be possible to meet all of your needs as well as preferences. And, sometimes adding a pair of insoles to your shoes is an important solution. By using shoe insoles, your shoes tend to last its lifespan than a normal pair of shoes. Therefore, you should select the best insoles for running depending on your experiences you are looking for.

For a more structured feeling in your running shoe

The structured insoles provide the stability for your foot and reduce the arch’s movement. Also, these insoles come in special features to support to the position of the heel and align the heel bone. Besides, they are able to reduce the elongation of flexible arches thanks to their design. When adding the insole, you will also get a secure feeling. That is especially important for some runners.
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There are a lot of choices in the brand when selecting the structured insole. However, each brand brings models with different structures for different arch heights. Some of them can also offer insoles molded to your foot’s shape. You can choose yourself the insoles having a low profile fit if you are looking one for the performance category everyday.
Before making a decision, you need to learn carefully about all features that the product provides. If you want a secure feeling in your shoe, you can also choose a structure cuishioned insole in order to get a degree of cushioning as well. Although a structure cushioned insole is less supportive than a structured insole, it can be a little more soft and flexible.

For a more cushioned feeling in your running shoe

You should choose a cushioned insole in order to make your shoe feel softer underfoot. These insoles are designed by an enhanced technology. So, you will feel comfortable when putting it on. There are some different models of the product. Some of them offer targeted cushioning, and some have additional cushioning under the balls of your heels or your feet.

Basing on where you want to add a cushioning, you choose a suitable cuishioned insole. Don’t forget to find out where any targeted cushioning is located. In order to provide the targeted cushioning, these insoles can be made of gel or foam. It is easy to see that a foam insole will be more bouncy or springcy than a gel insole. However, you also need to know a insole made of gel provides a plush and impact-absorbing feel.

For targeted cushioning for your heels or forefoot

Sometimes you would like to add a bit more cushioning in your forefoot area or in the heel, although it is not essential. The targeted cushioning is purpose to help the heel to reduce the force of impact in your foot. Moreover, they can also help provide relief from sensitive heels, bone spurs, or sore heels. They are designed for maximum comfort with a gel cushioning.


There are many options of insoles for proving comfort and support to the feet while avoiding strain and injuries. There are also many factors you need to consider when buying insoles. In this writing, you can get information you need know when choosing shoe insoles for running. We hope they are useful for you.